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About Us

Friends of Fitzroy Gardens was formed in 2010 to raise awareness about the significance of the heritage-listed Gardens designed in 1970 by Ilmar Berzins, Australia's first qualified landscape architect, to complement El Alamein Fountain designed by architects Woodward and Taranto.

Fitzroy Gardens is valued by the residents of Australia's most densely populated residential precinct as an oasis of quiet enjoyment.

Berzins was ahead of his time in making environmentally sensitive interventions into the public domain. His gentle modernism can also be felt in his Sandringham Gardens (in Hyde Park) and in his award-winning McElhone Reserve in front of Elizabeth Bay House.

The Friends lobby generally against the commercialisation of public gardens.

Friends of Fitzroy Gardens meets each alternate month with the 2011 Residents Association. (See meeting dates on 2011 website.)

If you would like to contact us, please click here.

Note: Photos are by Michael Gormly, Peter Young, John Wagner, and Paul Wagner.

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